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2018 Rav4 Toyota Safety Sense

Nolan Toyota City in Wetaskiwin talks about Toyota Safety Sense on the 2018 Toyota Rav4.  Toyota Safety Sense standard on every single Rav4 right now.

Toyota Safety Sense offers 4 features: Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams, Lane Departure Alert and  Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection.

Pre-Collision System with the Pedestrian Detection: If you’re driving on the highway and somebody slows down in front of you, the car will actually slow down as well to try to mitigate the accident. With Pedestrian Detection, if a pedestrian would run in front of your vehicle, the car will actually sense it and stop for you.

Automatic High Beams: If a vehicle is coming towards you, the high beams will automatically shut off, and once they’re passing you on the highway and it detects no lights ahead of you, the high beams will come back on.

Lane Departure Alert: This will help you if you go to the shoulder, maybe you’re getting tired or drowsy at the wheel, it’ll beep at you and alert you. And then, actually, with this one, because it has the Safety Sense Package P, it will actually tilt the wheel back, so it’ll actually help you get back into your lane.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: If you’re driving on the highway and somebody goes slower, the cruise control will slow down with you, and then as they speed up, you will seed up as well, and it will stay at a distance preset by whatever you want. Standard on every single Rav4.

So, if you wanna come down and check out the Toyota Safety Sense, definitely come down to Toyota City, we’re home of the Invoice Based Pricing.

And Let Your Legacy Begin With Us.

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