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1794 Edition of the Toyota Tundra Review

Nolan at Toyota City in Wetaskiwin showcases the amazing 2018 1794 Edition of the Toyota Tundra. It is the absolutely highest trim level that you can get.

The first thing you’re gonna notice is just the amount of chrome that is all over this thing. I know truck enthusiasts love the chrome, so you’re not gonna be disappointed with this truck. 20” alloys right here; again, you’re gonna notice the badging beneath to this.

Inside and you’re gonna see the styling feature of this truck: the brown leather interior, the suede, the wood grain panels, that’s all exclusive to the 1794.

This truck has literally every feature that you would want. You can look in the back, tons of space. You can have your animals back there, you could do pretty much anything you want.

And you can take a look at the back, nice big box. This truck tows 8,800lbs, so you can definitely tow a lot of things. Backup camera, tow hitch ready, everything that you need.

This was a little walk-around to the 2018 Tundra 1794 Edition. If you like this truck, send me a text or a call, Nolan at (780) 977-9050.

And this is Toyota City, home of Invoice Based Pricing, Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Stock Number: T00207

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