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2017 Toyota Corolla SE | Wetaskiwin, AB

‘Marshal’ Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where cars do cost less. Let Your Legacy Start Here. Today I’m doing a walk around video on the 2017 Toyota Corolla SE. This is the SE package, it’s also an upgraded package.

We go up to the front, very sporty, being a sportier model. You get these beautiful daytime LEDs. Now this vehicle has LEDs all around it, there’s no conventional lighting on it, so it’s very good in bad weather, and that very dark night.

1.8 liter 4-cylinder motor in here, fuel efficient, but it’s peppy. So with the upgraded package you do get this really nice alloy rims. You get a sunroof as well.

Take a look inside here. I call the Corolla– it’s a small car, but it’s big inside, so, with the driver’s seat all the way back I still pretty comfortably back here. Another thing, lot of our competitors, they have a big hump where the exhaust goes here, it is a flat floor here in the Corolla, so you can still sit somebody in the middle seat without being too uncomfortable.

I’m going to pop the trunk here. Again, small car but big inside. You have a backup camera as well. Tons of trunk space, and you can even fold the seats flat up if need be. Another unique thing with the SE is the seats, you get leather upholstery with cloth in the middle, and a nice blue stitch all around.

This car is awesome, very good in the winter time. You have a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, a windshield wiper de-icer there too. Controls on your steering wheel, radio, Bluetooth, and you got your Safety Sense. You got your Lane Departure Assist. Radar Cruise Control, which is standard on all models of Corolla.

Here’s a look at your sunroof there. You got this nice climate control area where you can control the fan here, temperature here, and the direction over here. Also, there’s a 12V USB down here, and an auxiliary port. Nice Piano Black display.

I’m going to put in reverse here, here’s your backup camera view. Now another thing this vehicle has, the SE, is the Sport mode button, so when you click that button it changes the shift points and the CVT transmission to give you more power. Cruise Control, pretty standard, all the stuff, really nice.

Come down to Toyota City Wetaskiwin and see the Marshal if you have more questions about the 2017 Corolla SE. It is a part of the Red Tag Day specials. You can reach me here at the dealership at 780-352-2225, or reach me on my cell, 780-216-1187. Stay tuned!

Sales Team
Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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