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2013 Ford Escape SE | Kodiak Brown | Wetaskiwin, AB

Hi guys, John here from Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where cars really do cost less, Let Your Legacy Start Here. Today I’m doing a walk around video on our 2013 Ford Escape SE. This is a Kodiak Brown colour, let’s take a look under the hood!

Under here, we got a 2L EcoBoost engine, it’s the larger of the size for the Escape models. Everything that you need to get to is easily highlighted by this yellow colour, easy to get to. You have a nice bug deflector in here with fog lights which are always really good to have, 17-inch aluminum rims. You got your keyless entry right there, easily illuminated by just touching it. You also got chrome trim coming all the way up. Let’s look at the back here. This is the automatic liftgate on this model. Just press the button once, it shall lift up for you. Now, lots of cargo space in here with the privacy shade to hide your valuables, okay and underneath here, the spare tire with all the, all the hardware that you need for it. Also got cargo tie-downs and a tow hitch. So, just to close this, all you have to do is press that button once and it shall close down nice and slow, okay.

Nicely laid out interior in here, got leather seats all around, nice stitching as well. Also have heated seats here with the 12-volt and in here you got 2 USB ports, an SD card input and AV cables as well as another 12-volt down there for you. So here, also we have dual climate zones. We also got that nice big center display divided into four sections, for your phone location, this is also for your dual climate zone right there and FM radio. Also powered by SYNC. Over here, we got a center display right there for all the information that you need about your vehicle. You got your fog lights, hitch lights that you need, easily turned, dimmer switches right there as well. You also have your sequential Sport shifter right here, up and down.

If you have any questions that need answering, feel free to give me a call (780) 352-2225 or you can call me on my cell phone at (780) 360-9205 and if you are watching this video on Facebook, you do get additional discounts.

Let Your Legacy Start Here!

Sales Team
Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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