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2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid | Sporty Style & Lively Handling | Wetaskiwin, AB

‘Marshal’ Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where cars do cost less, Let Your Legacy Start Here. I’m doing a walk-around on the 2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid, the original Prius, possibly my favorite vehicle in the Toyota line-up and I’ll show you why!

Take a look under the hood, you got a 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder motor and a hybrid motor. You got the Toyota safety sense (inaudible) so you get (inaudible) with pedestrian, auto high beams, Lane Departure Alert with steering assist and your dynamic radar cruise control. You got the Bridgestone low rolling resistance tires, take a look at this beautiful design, they redesigned this in 2016, this vehicle. The design is also very functional, it’s got 0.24 drag to help with fuel efficiency. It’s got Toyota’s Keyless Entry so you just pull on the handle like that, you want to lock it up, just swipe it like that. Features include cargo net, your carpeted mats, there’s grocery bags, hooks in here, really nice, just fold in like that. Underneath here, you have your spare and then of course, you have D rings to strap anything down if needed.

You also have back-up camera and take a look at this, this is the beautiful Blizzard Pearl colour. These seats are just super comfortable, it is feel comfortable once you get in the vehicle. So, I’m going to start it up, as you can hear, this is running on electrical power right now and if I were to press down the accelerator or turn up the air-conditioning, your auto lights here, there’s your auto high beam light, gas pop release, all your windows are one touch automatic. You got this nice steering wheel, you got Bluetooth, radio controls, your centre display controls and your Lane Departure Assist and radar cruise.

Take a look in there, that’s giving the layout of how the engine is working right now so you have you have a gas engine’s on powering the electric motor or sending power to the batteries. Also in here, you got your Eco Climate your radar cruise, any messages that are going to pop up in there and here’s where you can turn off your safety equipment or turn it on, change your units and you got Eco indicators and it will give you a score too so, this vehicle is kind of like a game so you want to get the best score for your fuel economy. Another thing I forgot to mention is everytime, you push the brakes on this vehicle, it turns the heat from your brakes into electricity. They’re called Regenerative Brakes. You can get your fuel economy over the past 30 minutes, you can get your average, the cost of driving which is really neat so you can go on a trip and actually see how much it costs you, really cool. Down here, you have your shifter. Now, this is unique to the Prius, no other vehicle has a gear shifter like this and then when you want to back and park, you just hit like that. You have your Drive mode (normal), Power mode if you need more power, the Eco mode to get the best fuel economy.

You also have this nice touch climate control here. It’s got Eco heat-cool function, touch screen display here with CD player. Take a look at the back, you get pretty decent room behind the driver seats, then you’ve got a deep console in here. Another feature of course, you got to have your heated seats out here, you got passenger and driver heated seats.

If you have any questions about the 2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid, please contact the Marshal at Toyota City Wetaskiwin at (780) 352-2225 or you can reach me on my cell (780) 216-1187. Stay tuned!

Sales Team
Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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