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2013 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD | Wetaskiwin, AB

Marshal Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where cars do cost less, Let Your Legacy Start Here. I’m doing a unique walk around on the 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited. Now this is the last year of this body style. Take a look under the hood, we have a 3.5 liter V6, powerful but fuel efficient.

This model’s got fog lights on it. Beautiful alloy rims. In the back here, it’s a 7-seater, or you can fold it off back. You can also remove this center seat and put it in. It’s got a rear climate zone, and then it’s got driver and passenger climate zone.

This model has– you can automatically open the liftgate. This is what it looks like with your seats up. You do have the ability right here to drop your second row seats, like so. You also have a 12V back here, and then when you fold it all down, check out that space. Press the button to close it. You got a backup camera in here.

Another nice feature, it’s got a back latch that opens, so if you need to get in here quickly without having the power gate open, just pops up like that, you can throw in your groceries or whatever need be.

You have a power driver seat, you have the windshield wiper de-icer. Your cruise control, dimmer, the powered trunk. So what the windshield wiper de-icer does is it heats up the track where your wiper blades are to melt off the ice, and not damage your wiper blades.

You have volume controls on your steering wheel. Bluetooth, and your temperature. There’s a driver climate, passenger climate in the rear. It’s got USB, auxiliary, heated front seats. Two 12 volts. You have the downhill ascent control, so if you’re on a really steep alley, you don’t want to fly down it, you can hit that button and it will crawl down the hill at 5 km/hr.

It has the Snow mode; when you press that, it will let the traction control know you’re driving on snow to aid you. You have the sunroof here. You got a programmable garage door opener.

If you guys have any other questions on this pre-owned Highlander– it’s priced at $29,995, but if you’re watching this on Facebook there’s an additional $2,000 off, so come down and see the Marshal!

You can reach us at (780) 352-2225 at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, or you can reach me on my cell at (780) 216-1187. Stay tuned!

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Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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