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2017 Toyota 4Runner Limited | Stylish and Equipped | Wetaskiwin, AB

‘Marshal’ Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin where cars do cost less, Let Your Legacy Start Here! I’m doing a walk-around on our seven seat 2017 Toyota 4Runner Limited in the Midnight Black. Gorgeous vehicle, taking a look under the hood here. You have a 4 liter V6 engine, very powerful and that’s equipped to your 4-wheel drive.

Nice chrome accenting on the front here, you got parking sonar and this is really neat, you’ve got your plug-in block heater right here. It used to be up here and that scratched your paint or maybe (inaudible) your lenses so really nice there. You have your fog lights wrapped in the chrome accenting. You have a beautiful 20-inch 6-spoke chrome rims. On your mirrors, you have your turn signal and puddle lamps. You’ve got chrome accenting on your handles and this is the Toyota Keyless Entry here. Take a look at the back, you have your receiver here and then you do have your pins for your trailers, 7- and 4-pin, parking sonar on the back, your back-up camera. This window will actually roll down and you can roll it down from the back here by just pressing one of those buttons.

Pop it open here, you got lights back here if you need to work, be working in the back here. You’ve got beautiful perforated black seats. They are heated and they’re ventilated. On your driver side, you do have the driver memory seating as it is Powered and same with your passenger. All your windows are one touch automatic. You got a centre display here which will tell you your average current, your cruising range and your and then you have a digital speedometer there too. Your lights are automatic. You’ve got radio controls here, Bluetooth controls here, cruise control, this is your back window so you can roll that down, pretty awesome.

Alright, unique to the 4Runner Limited is the full time 4-Wheel Drive system so you’re always on 4×4 but unlike a conventional 4×4 where your tires will chirp in the front on dry pavement, the differential allows for the wheels to really smoothly move in the corners. There’s your heated and ventilated seats, USB auxiliary, 12-volt, you got dual climate zone here and your climate controls are nice and easy, nice buttons here to switch your direction’s, fan speed, front rear defrosting, your heated mirrors and you’ve got this touchscreen display with navigation, power dimming mirror. You’ve got your programmed little garage door opener, the controls for your sunroof, traction control and your Downhill Descent Control. Another thing this vehicle has is the ex-relative Sport system which enables for a really nice ride on- and off-road.

If you have any questions about the 2017 4Runner Limited, please give the Marshal a call here at 780-352-2225 or you can reach me on my cell at 780-216-1187. Stay tuned!

Sales Team
Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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