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2017 Toyota Corolla iM | Brand New for 2017

Marshal Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin where “Cars Do Cost Less“, “Let Your Legacy Start Here“.

I’m doing a walk around video on the new 2017 Toyota Corolla iM, brand new to the line-up. This one’s in Spring Green. Take a look under the hood here, you got the legendary motor, the 1.8 liter four cylinder, really good on fuel, about 7.5 liters per hundred kilometers, and under the hood it’s laid out really nice, easy to get your windshield wiper fluid, engine oil dip stick, battery, easy to get to.

Now this vehicle comes standard with the body kit, all along on the vehicle, that doesn’t make it any lower but it does give that sporty appearance. Also, you have wide side mouldings to protect your doors from other people opening theirs.

In the back here, it is a hatchback, you got backup camera in there, privacy shade, and the seats will fold back, and I will show you that. Really easy, you just have a little handle here, as you can see there. Pops it down, and you get flat storage.

I’m going to get my cameraman to jump inside there. So this is a really, really nice layout. This vehicle is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense which gives you automatic high beams, lane departure alert, and a pre collision system. This vehicle’s also equipped with power folding mirrors. There’s your pre collision. Bluetooth, radio controls on the steering wheel. You got your heated seat controls here. It is a dual climate zone, with touch screen display.

It has Sport mode too if you need that extra power. Now this model comes equipped like this, in either 6-speed automatic, or a 6-speed manual. What the ‘i’ in Corolla iM stands for is individual, and the ‘M’ stands for multi-faceted and magnetic, because this is a very out there car, and it comes in six really out there coloyrs, like Spring Green we’re looking at.

If you have any questions you can contact me here at the dealership, toll free at 877-352-2234. I’m “Marshal Dylan’. Cars Cost Less in Wetaskiwin, and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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