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2017 Toyota 86 | Distinctive Sport Styling

Hi, ‘Marshal Dylan’ here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where cars do cost less, and Your Legacy Starts Here.

I wanted to show you guys the 2017 Toyota 86, new to the line-up for 2017. This one is the Ash Salty colour. The 86 draws on from Toyota’s decades of building sports cars. As you can see it takes its appearance from some of the more legendary ones like the Sports 800, the 2000GT, and the 8086.

Underneath the hood we have the 2 liter box engine [inaudible] this way.  This has 200 horse power and 200 pound feet of torque. It has the engine by Subaru but Toyota’s improved it with a GS4 technology, which improves the fuel economy.

We take a look, you can see, 86 in the lenses and on the doors here, so a very subtle car. Doesn’t have badging all over. It’s got these really nice alloy rims. At the back here, you have some trunk space, and when you fold the seats flat you have enough room for two golf pegs or a set of tyres for the race track, and a jack.

Another reason why the 86 keeps coming up is because the bore on the stroke of the motor are 86mm x 86mm, and your exhaust pipes on your dual exhausts are 86mm x 86mm.

I’ll get my cameraman and jump in the side there. This is the inside of the 86. Now you’ll notice, this steering wheel is very small. This is actually the smallest steering wheel in any Toyota right now, reason being, for handling. Another good thing is you got the grips [inaudible] that most performance drivers would recommend. This is the automatic so it comes with the paddle shifters.

Another cool thing, it’s got some drive modes, Sport, Snow, and the traction control with the Track mode, so when you’re on the track, this has the vehicle stability control so helps you keep your lines, but if you want to be in full control of the vehicle and have all of it under your control you can turn the stability control off, and then you’re in full control of the vehicle.

Now, the inside is meant to be simple but elegant. You got your climate controls nice and easy to get to. A nice touch screen display. The steering wheel is not cluttered because your focus is driving. I’m going to let the cameraman show you the tachometer here, it’s nice and elegant. So you got your rev meter right there, with the digital speedometer, with conventional speedometer on the side, and then your fuel tanks really easy to see.

I hope you guys enjoyed this walk around of the Toyota 86, and if you have any questions you can give me a call here at 877-352-2234, or you can visit our website at legacytoyotacity.ca

Cars cost lest in Wetaskiwin, and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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