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Food Bank and Toy Drive

It’s Christmas time again and even though most families will be enjoying the holiday season with presents for the little ones and family dinners, some families will be struggling to experience this same joy. At Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin and Toyota City, we believe in supporting our community. This Christmas season we’ve partnered with Emineskin Food Bank and the Wetaskiwin Salvation Army to host a Food Bank and Toy Drive.

Our goal is to fill a pickup truck at each location!

We will be accepting donations until Dec. 15th, which can be dropped off at either Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin or Toyota City Wetaskiwin.

Please review the helpful information below if you plan on donating so we can be sure we’re assisting in the best way possible.

  • Non-Perishable food items
  • Gently used toys accepted
  • If possible, please leave presents unwrapped (easier for parents to select an appropriate gift)
  • Feel free to include batteries for toys that require batteries to function (although it is not necessary)
  • We will also be accepting donations of coats and artificial Christmas trees so everyone can stay warm and cheery this Christmas!

Thank you for helping make our community a little brighter. We sincerely appreciate it! From Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin and Toyota City we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

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