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2016 Toyota Venza V6 AWD | Up to $3,500 Cash Rebates

Marshal Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where Cars Really Do Cost Less, so Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Today I’m doing a video walk around on the 2016 Toyota Venza V6 all-wheel drive. A Magnetic Green colour. It’s part of the Red Tag Sale, where there’s up to $3500 in cash rebates, or financing, as well as 0%.

Underneath the hood we have the 3.5 liter V6, it’s nice and easily laid out to get your wind shield wiper, your engine oil dip stick, your battery, really easy to get to.

You have the nice big 20″ rims on the side here, so a really comfortable ride. It’s actually based on the Camry platform, and we all know the Camry’s a very smooth driving car, but they put it into a SUV, and you get all-wheel drive.

Take a quick peek in the back. This is the red wood edition, so you get this nice unique brown leather interior. The back seats do fold back, or fold flat, and they also recline, giving you a little extra comfort at the back seats.

Then you have your power trunk here, which you can open from either inside the vehicle, on your key fob, or through the back here. A nice privacy shade for cargo. A carpeted mat, and underneath will be a spare. Now if you want to drop your seats, you’re loading in cargo back here, you just grab the two levers here, gone, seats in, nice and flat.

So, me and my cameraman will jump in the side there. So inside here, it’s a nice layout. You got your gear shifter right here. You got spot for your phone here, so you can put your phone in there and run your cables down to your USB. Auxiliary, and your 12V. Nice and convenient. This model has heated seats. It’s got a dual climate zone so you can split up the climate for the driver and the passenger.

Front and rear defrost, standard with heated mirrors. You also got Bluetooth on your steering wheel, and your radio control’s here. You get two sunroofs with the XLE, so you got your sunroof here, and then you got your stationary panoramic glass back there. So when your passenger’s sitting in the back they can look up the top, it’s really nice. You have more phone storage in here, and just a tiny console space in the Venza.

If you have any questions you can contact me here at 780-352-2225, or you can reach me on my cell at 780-216-1187. Come see “The Marshal”.

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