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2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid | Most Fuel Efficient SUV

Marshal Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where Cars Do Cost Less, and Let Your Legacy Starts Here.

Today I’m going to do a walk around video on the 2016 Toyota RAV4. Now, 2016 was the first year you could get a Hybrid RAV4. This is actually the most fuel efficient SUV on the market today.

How you can distinguish a Toyota Hybrid vehicle, we can always tell, it will have a blue symbol. Underneath the hood, you have the 2.5 liter four cylinder motor, with an electric motor here, so it has the same gas motor you get in a regular RAV4. So it works together. When you’re doing, like mostly driving 50 km/hr or under, you can drive on pure electric power as long as the batteries have the power, but if they’re depleted, the gasoline engine turns on, spinning the generator to put the power back. We’ll close the hood here.

You get these really unique alloy rims, unique to the Hybrid XLE package that we’re looking at today. This has also got the blind spot monitoring on it in the mirror, so somebody’s in your blind spot, it will illuminate, and if you make a turn signal and there is someone there it will flash to tell you it’s not safe.

This does have a push button start, so it has a keyless entry, so as long as you put your hand in here, you got to pull, and the keys are in your pocket, it will unlock, and you lock it up by just swiping your finger across there.

Now this is where they store the batteries. You have your battery pack underneath the seats, as you can see, the ventilation there. They are Nickel Hydrogen alloy battery. Now Toyota’s been using this system since day one in their Hybrids, but have made lots of improvements to it.

In the back, you get tons of space, a nice privacy shade here too to cover your cargo up. Underneath the hood here, you have your spare. You have a tow hook for the front, so if you ever get stuck you can thread this into the frame to pull it over, so won’t damage the vehicle when they’re towing you out of the depths.

This also has a powered trunk. This is also adjustable, so if it’s too tall for your garage you can bring it down and set it to wherever you need it to be.

I want to show you some of the features inside. So also on the XLE you have the power driver seat, the moon roof, you have the nice steering wheel, that’s leather wrapped, and it’s also got your audio controls, and your Bluetooth control’s on this side. Then we have the center display in here, which is controlled here. Cruise control, and your light switch. It has automatic lights, so automatically turn them on or off as needed. There’s your push button start.

Big thing with this, it’s got the three drive modes, being a Hybrid, so you have electrical vehicle mode, so, click that once the batteries are fully charged, and it will give you pure electric power under 50 km/hr. You have your default economy mode, and then you have the Sport mode if you need more power to merge on the highway. Heated seat controls, we also have a wind shield wiper de-icer, now this is a beautiful feature because it heats up where your wiper blades are to melt off all that ice so they don’t get damaged.

You have the dual climate zone, and a nice touch screen display. If you press the color button here, this will display how the electric power is working, so it will show you if your gasoline motor is running, or if your hybrid motor’s running, or if they’re running together, as on the highway they do work together, they are battery power stored. Will illuminate your dash and control your heating, climate control, to save you fuel instead of driving the power from strictly the gasoline engine.

I’m Marshal Dylan. I hope you enjoyed this video. You can reach us here at the dealership, toll free at 877-352-2234, and you can also look at our website legacytoyotacitywetaskiwin.ca. Stay tuned for more.

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Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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