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2014 Toyota Venza Limited | V6 AWD | Wetaskiwin, AB

‘Marshal’ Dylan here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin, where cars do cost less. Let Your Legacy Start Here! We’re going to do a walk-around of one of our used units. It is a 2014 Toyota Venza Limited in Blizzard Pearl.

Take a look under the hood, we’ve got 3.5 liter V6 and it is All-Wheel Drive. You’ve got this LED running lights here, parking sonar on the front and fog lights. Take a look at the side here, we’ve got this nice 5-spoke 20-inch rims, very smooth ride in this vehicle. This is based on the Camry platforms so everybody knows a Camry is a really nice car for driving, the Venza is just as good. You got the mirrors here, you got your turn signal. There’s the puddle lamps. They’re heated and then you’ve got a little convex mirror there for your blind-spots. Also, they are Power folding so if you need to get in your garage, you can fold them up.

This Venza does have a Keyless Entry System so you just put your hand in here, wait a second unlocks, then if you want to lock it, you just swipe your finger across the pad there, locks it up. It’s also, has a Power trunk, back-up camera on there as well and then you have your back-up sonar here too. We’ve got carpeted set of mats in here, cargo net, there is a privacy shade as well to cover your cargo. You can drop the seats just by pulling on the lever here and here so you get quite a bit of trunk space with that. There’s a 12-volt in here and a light and then to close up the trunk, just hit the button on top. Take a look in the back here, nice feature with this vehicle too in the back of your free back passengers is you can recline these seats for extra comfort. It does have the JBL Audio System there and there is 13 speakers in this thing, sounds beautiful with the music cranked.

You have driver memory seating too so you can program the seat to where you like it and any other passer- or driver of the vehicle can do so as well. There’s your parking sonar, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off. Checks control, radio controls on your steering wheel, Bluetooth, cruise control, you have a display up there. There is a nice phone holder here and when you can run down cables through here to your USB and auxiliary port and then also you hold this back, you get a ton more storage back there and it’s a nice movable armrest. It’s got heated seats, front rear defrost, dual climate zone, touchscreen display and here’s the buttons to operate that display up here. Auto-dimming mirror, it does have a remote starter on it as well. You got a compass up there, then you have a garage door opener and your sunroof plus you do have a stationary panoramic roof back there too, great view for the passengers.

If you have any questions about this 2014 Toyota Venza Limited, you can contact the Marshal here at Toyota City Wetaskiwin at (780) 352-2225 or you can contact me on my cell at (780) 216-1187. Stay tuned!

Sales Team
Toyota City Wetaskiwin

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